Elef Boccia Ramps is the first greek company that manufactures Boccia Bc3 equipment


Elef Boccia Ramps was founded by Eleftheria Kastrinaki, an Architect with a Master’s degree in Special Education, who plays Boccia Bc3 as an assistant of a cerebral palsy boccia player since 2011. Since then, she has been designing and manufacturing custom made boccia equipment (boccia ramps, boccia headpointers) for boccia Bc3 players.

Each boccia ramp is unique.

It has been clear from the beginning that cerebral palsy players and muscular dystrophy players have many differences from the aspect of their kinetic abilities, so their boccia accessories have got to be custom made, since each player -depending on his kinetic abilities and the way he plays- is so unique.

Each player’s equipment should be designed just for him and the player must have a word on it. So, designing the equipment in co-operation with the players themselves, their coaches and assistants has expanded her expertise.

Each boccia ramp is unique, but all of its parts can be replaced in a low cost in case of damage or if something does not fit the player perfectly.